Enjoy your home!

A house becomes your home by decorating it in your own style which gives atmosphere to your home, garden,  balcony or terrace. Mega Collections wants everyone to feel at home. That is why we strive to offer an extensive collection of pots, basket work and decorative items in various models, materials, colors and patterns, all at an affordable price. Whether you like classic, urban,  ethnic, or bohemian,  your personal choice will “enrich“ every area of your house, garden or balcony in such a way that you really feel at home.

Enjoy your home!

Since 1988

In 1988 we started with the simple idea of selling ceramic flower pots. Meanwhile we have grown to be one of the biggest distributors in garden pottery and decorative items.

75% is sourced in Asian countries, 20% is European origin and our recently launched rinca range is produced in the carribbean. Buying from many different countries enables us to always offer a wide and innovative program.

We supply garden centres, DIY chains, large nationwide retailers, supermarkets and floral wholesalers in more than 45 countries across the globe.

Have you never seen a mega collections product ? That seems impossible, but then again, it could be. Not all of our products are branded with a mega label.

Working efficiently to guarantee a competitive offer for our customers is more “up our street”. That explains why you will not see Mega Collections  on large billboards